Vanish Beach Stains This Summer

Good weather is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your children outside the house and enjoy the sunshine. A day at the beach may not be something that you often have the chance to do, so taking your family to the beach for some quality time is something that you may want to consider.


But no matter where you go, there is always a risk of a few mishaps and the chance of a stain on your clothes with it. As is always the way with clothes stains, detergent alone might not be enough to tackle your laundry load after a day at the beach, but Vanish is up to the task.

Here are a few things that you might want to consider when planning a day at the beach with your family:


This is usually on the cards for most people when the sun is out. Although they give you the chance to bond whilst sharing and enjoying good food in the sunshine, BBQs also come with the potential for stains.

This is because BBQ’s feature marinades that are used to season and tenderise the meat. They also help add bags of flavour to food. But marinades can cause some really dark and deep stains. There are many instances when the combination of juices from the meat and marinade can end up on your clothes such as during the cooking process, where sizzling meat can splash and spit hot liquid onto your clothing. If you’re tucking into food that requires a more hands on approach, like chicken wings, eating with your hands can create a lot of mess if you don’t have anything to wipe your hands with.

Whilst they are the perfect thing to accompany your food, condiments such as ketchup can also be very difficult to remove from clothing. Ketchup  contains ingredients that make it more challenging than others. For example, ketchup’s key component is tomatoes, which are acidic, that stains the clothes quite deeply.

Ice cream

Is any summer ever really complete without an ice cream in the sunshine? It may be delicious and the perfect way to cool you down but it still has its downside that come in the form of melted drips on your clothes!

Fruit juice

It’s always good practice to drink, and encourage your children to drink, plenty of water. The summer can dehydrate you and children are more susceptible, because they’re always running around[1] Sometimes fruit juice can be a refreshing thirst quencher, however, it can also stain your clothes.

As you have just read, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning a day at the beach with your family. However, you don’t have to worry about any messy mishaps that may take place because Vanish can easily remove it. So you can now go ahead and spend your day at the beach having fun with your family without the worry of the stains later.

In order to deal with your stains from the beach, try using Vanish Oxi Action and follow these three simple steps;

  1. Mix Vanish Oxi Action Powder with warm water to form a solution to pre-treat your stains
  2. Add an extra scoop of Vanish directly into your washing machine, along with your normal detergent of choice
  3. Wash your clothes as normal using your detergent of choice


Remember to always follow the instructions on the packaging to make sure you remove your stains effectively the first time, and always check the care labels for your clothes when you’re going to wash them.