Types of Denim

Denim, especially jeans, comes in many shapes, sizes, and types. Fashionistas know this already, but trying out different kinds of denim gives you an idea of what looks good, and what your denim style should be. Whether stretched, washed or raw, different kinds of denim have different properties, and they all look different, too. We’ve compiled a little overview of the different kinds, and some things to think about when it comes to stain removal from denim.


From ‘jeggings’ to bell-bottomed pants, and even dungarees, denim has been worn in a variety of clothing down the ages. Today, it is a classic staple in almost every person’s wardrobe. They’re an iconic item in fashion, with a range of fits (simple straight fit to boot cut and even skinny fit). They’re so much a part of our clothing choice, that chances are you’re wearing a pair right now!

Raw Denim

The name ‘raw denim’ signifies its wash. Raw denim is not washed after being dyed. This means that the colour fades over time – which is a fashion statement in itself. This usually occurs over areas of the most wear and tear, such as your knees.

Washed Denim

Most denims are ‘washed’. This makes the material softer, but they also can look ‘worn in’ even before their first wear. This can lead to a ‘distressed’ look, which is currently in vogue.

Selvage Denim

‘Selvage denim’ is a unique kind of denim. It’s made by one continuous cross-yarn: this is quite an advanced process that leads to a strong, hard-wearing denim type.

Stretch Denim

Stretch denim isn’t comprised only of cotton, but it also features elastics that allow give. The jeans cling tight to your legs. Of course, the more it is stretched, the less time it will last!

Denim Stains

Although there are several different kinds of denim, all of them appear to be tough when it comes to stain removal. You need not worry if you use Vanish on your denim coffee stains or grease stains. The Vanish product you use depends on the kind of stain there is on the fabric, but for many, Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder is enough for most stain removing tasks.

Pre-treat denim by mixing a quarter scoop of powder with ¾ parts water. Apply the mix to the entire stain, then use the special Vanish scoop within the Vanish Gold Oxi Action tub to rub the mixture in evenly, leaving for five minutes before washing off.

For general washes, add one scoop to your washing machine with every wash to get the best stain removal results!