The Benefits of Carpets and Rugs

Every person has a way of decorating their floors. Those living in hotter countries are more likely to install tile or hardwood floors, but those in colder climes may fit their floors with rugs and carpets. There are reasons for this, and most of us don’t even realise them! You can find out about these reasons in the following article, and maybe even a tip or two about dealing with carpet stains.

Visually Pleasing

A great rug can complete the décor of your room. Whether woven, flat weave or embroidered, rugs are made from the point of view of aesthetics. A rug that features a range of colours and patterns can help bring light and vibrancy to a room. A decorative rug complements your furnishings, and even become the center of attention if it is made in an unexpected shade. 


Most people would prefer hard floors because they are easy to clean and great for stain removal! However, it does not offer insulating properties. Hard wood floors can become really cold when the temperature dips – if you have hard floors at home, you could add a rug for some extra layers and warmth. Since the fibres of the rug are compressed and packed together, they trap heat in the winter and maintain cool temperatures in the summer, which is why they are popular in colder climates.


Just adding a rug to your hard floor will reduce noise and echoes of sound in the room. To see what we mean, just try walking in an empty room with a hard floor wearing hard soled shoes. Your footwear will make a racket on the floors! Now use the same shoes and walk over a rug or carpet – the tread becomes softer and there is much less noise, which reduces disturbance to others as well.

Warm Feet

Unless your hard floor has underfloor heating, it must get really cold in the winter. This is bad news for your feet. A carpet keeps your feet comfortable and also provides softness that a hard floor cannot. Also, a carpeted floor cushions your child’s fall, thus making the floor safer. But if there are children at home, you will have to deal with the inevitable carpet stain as well.

Carpet Stains

There are many ways to remove a carpet stain, depending on kind of stain and what caused it. Vanish recommends dabbing or blotting the stain with a paper towel to draw out any excess stain and prevent it from setting in further. You must pick the right Vanish product depending on the size of the stain (i.e. whether you need to clean a large area or a spot). So the type of stain determines whether you pick the 3 in 1 Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo, or Oxi Action Carpet and Upholstery Pre-Treat Spray. Take a look at the Vanish Stain Solver page, to decide which product is right for use.