Sticky situation!

There are certain stains that are more than just aesthetically displeasing, but they are also icky to the touch. Sticky stains are one such kind, as they can cling to your skin and annoy you with their presence. In this article, we take a look at a couple of the frequent sticky stain perpetrators, and give you some tips to removing them from your clothes with our experienced stain removal know-how.


Glue can be a difficult stain to remove, and it’s so easy to get onto your clothes. A fun (if messy) arts-and-crafts session can turn into a torturous cleaning session after, so here are the tips to help you deal with glue quickly. As with most stains, glue dries out quickly, so scrape the excess with a knife edge or a spoon. After this, soak the garment in hot water to allow much of the glue to float out of the cloth. From there, follow the Vanish guide below to see the best  results.


Honey is a great sugar substitute, and is a delicious addition to all manner of dishes. Unfortunately, its viscous nature  makes it difficult to remove from clothes . As with glue, washing through with water is a great way to begin the stain removal process.

Other sugar based treats can be treated like honey, such as those you’ll find on lollipops or other sweets . The mixture with saliva can cause a sticky reaction that (if falling onto clothes) can be something particularly   difficult to clean off. Fortunately, with Vanish, sticky stains can be removed easily.

Remove Sticky Stains – The Vanish Way

Here are some general steps to take when trying to remove sticky stains. Our stain removal requires a little patience, and Vanish Oxy Action Gel to get the stain right out. See the steps below for help.

  1. Use an Oxi Action gel pod to dispense liquid directly onto stain.
  2. Rub the gel into stain using the base of the pod.
  3. Leave the gel on the stain for 10 minutes maximum.
  4. Place a gel pod with a 60ml dose into your washing machine, and then wash the item of clothing as usual with your detergent.

Stain Removal without Vanish

Although we always recommend keeping some spare Vanish in a cupboard for all those emergencies, we do understand that there are times when it’s not close at hand. For these, here are some ideas to help you through.

Take a clean, damp paper towel or cloth and dab the stain until you have removed as much as you can. You can also scrape any excess off the garment and then rinse under cold water for 30 seconds. Keeping sticky stains damp prevents them from setting, making removal that much easier later.