Packing for a Holiday

It’s easy enough to pack for a holiday. Bathing suit? Check. Sunscreen? Of course! Stain removal powder? Er…You certainly want to pack light for your trip, or at least carry along the things that really matter – but have you considered that a stain removal powder might just become one of the essentials in your bag? But then, if you have Vanish, you can always take care of stains when you get back home. So here are some fun tips for you to get your holiday started on the right note!

Packing your Bags

Packing can be fun but only if you are organized about it. Before you start putting everything you need into your bag, you should lay it out on the bed first. This way, everything that goes into the bag will be in plain sight, and you can add or remove a few things at this stage. You can decide to remove a few things or get a bigger suitcase at this stage. You should also think about maximizing your suitcase space so that it can hold everything properly without becoming troublesome to close. A good tip is to pack shoes and flip flops at the bottom of your suitcase, and then pack other things around them – this saves a lot of space. Most airlines don’t allow you to carry liquids over 100 ml in weight in your hand baggage, so it’s a good idea to carry them in your suitcase. Put liquids in sealable bags so they don’t burst out of the bottle and stain your clothes.

On Holiday!

Now you have touched down, and are at your hotel or sitting down by the sea in your new bathing suit. It is time to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the sounds of the sea. You could even be seated at the hotel bar, a cocktail in hand while the children are busy with their holiday activities. When you’re this relaxed, the last thing you want to worry about is getting stains on your clothes. But it is also true that you can suffer a few stains on your clothes on your holiday. You could have sunscreen cream splatting on your top (which can result in a light greasy stain) or drip ice cream onto your shorts, or even get your drink spilled into your lap! Your clothes can pick up a few stains that you might not pick up back home, so it is better to get them cleaned right away without waiting to do it back home – they will dry up and become that much harder to remove later. Just follow our stain removal tips to get the stains out. 

Stain Removal: Home and Away

Getting a stain on your clothes on your holiday is no big deal – just get to work quickly and you can get it all off. Work off the excess spill with a spoon. Then take off the clothing, turn it inside out and flush the stain with cool or warm water (depending on the stain). Here’s a quick tip for most common holiday stains: rinse oil stains with hot water, blood stains with cold water and tomato sauce stains with cool water.

Now that you’re disembarked and safely back home, it’s time to attack the holiday laundry. Start with stain removal. Your clothes will need a thorough washing so that the dried-in stains are removed completely. Grab the Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder’s powerful formula, which removes certain stains in just 30 seconds! Ideally, you should pre-treat the stain, and this is how you should do it:

  1. There is a scoop provided inside every tub of Vanish Oxi Action Powder. Simply mix 1/4 scoop of the powder with 3/4 scoop warm water, and stir well in the scoop to make a paste.
  2. Apply the paste to the stain, covering its surface but not the fabric around it.
  3. Now use the underside of the scoop to rub the Vanish powder into the stain. You should leave the solution on the stain for only five minutes before washing off. Now wash the garment in the washing machine.

There, that’s the end of holiday stains on your clothes! If the stain is quite stubborn, you can try running it through the wash once again. Or you can consult the Vanish stain solver if the stain proves to be too resilient for you. But if you’re reading this and are about to leave for a holiday, you should just go ahead and enjoy the summer. There’s plenty of time to deal with stains – with help from Vanish – when you return.