Invisible stains on your carpet

Like many magic acts, “invisible” stains have a knack for disappearing and reappearing when you least expect them to. The type of stains that become invisible once dried can be tough to tackle!

While the threat of an “invisible” stain may sound like your worst nightmare, once you know how to tackle them head on, your carpet and clothes will be free from any nasty surprises.

In the following guide, we list ways to identify invisible stains and discover the best remedies for treating them. Thanks to the wide range of Vanish products, stain removal has never been so easy!


The curse of the invisible stain

A stain that’s usually caused by oily and sugary substances, once dried, can become increasingly difficult to spot. If you can’t see it, you will naturally forget about it so it sets in deeper and dries up. By the time you get around to cleaning it, the stain has well and truly manifested itself in your clothes or carpet

If you don’t wash it as soon as possible, the oxygen in the atmosphere causes the stain to oxidise. This will often turn the stain brown in colour; much the same way that an apple can turn brown once it’s been bitten into.

Another reason a stain will suddenly appear is after cleaning. Why? When heat is applied to an invisible stain in the cleaning process, the substance causing the stain may caramelise if the stain contains sugar. This is why stains containing sugar can go from being previously invisible to taking on a caramel brown colour after a wash.

How to treat invisible stains

If you’re worried about invisible stains from drips and spills, appearing on carpets in particular, target large sections of up to 80cm² with Vanish 3 in 1 Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo. Fast acting and deep cleaning, it can restore your carpet in just 20 minutes.

Working to remove dirt and odours that are trapped deep in the carpet pile, the shampoo’s special conditioning formula will also help to freshen and soften carpet fibers.

When these deep, stubborn, previously invisible, stains start to appear then Vanish Carpet and Upholstery Pre-Treat Spray provides a thorough fizzing action, which helps drive the liquid deep into the carpet for complete stain removal.

If you suspect that your pet has had an accident inside the house even though there’s no stain, you should treat your carpet with Vanish Carpet and Upholstery pre-Treat Spray.

The spray treats the stain and leaves a fresh scent behind. You can also try some sprays designed to discourage pets from fouling up the carpet again.

No matter what the cause of your invisible stain is, once spotted all stains should be addressed straightaway. For the times when this isn’t always possible, Vanish can lend a helping hand.