How to keep your whites clean this summer

As the sun finally starts to appear, there's nothing better than breaking out the mood-boosting whites from our wardrobes. They not only make you feel like every day is a fresh start, but keep you nice and cool in the summer heat. Read on to find out how to look after them and avoid the plethora of stain hazards.

Making them look great before you put them on

Even if you're lucky and manage to avoid getting any nasty stains, whites can still look dull over time if they are not treated properly. Here are a few tips to brighten up your whites:

Washing your whites at home is actually better than getting them dry-cleaned. Avoid washing them with colours and always check the label for any washing instructions that are unique to your particular piece of clothing.

Don't use traditional bleach in the wash as it can cause an unwanted yellowing effect. Try using Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White, a cutting-edge product that lifts dirt out of the fibres without wearing down the fabric and gets your whites up to 3 shades whiter.

Always make sure to unfasten any buttons before a wash so you don't stretch and damage the garment around the buttonholes.
Think about investing in a steam iron as the steam can get into creases and moisten them, making them easier to remove. It's also kinder on clothes than traditional irons as you can have a low temperature setting with a high steaming setting.

Give a little thought to how you store your whites. Make sure you group them together in your wardrobe so they are not picking up any friction stains from coloured clothes.

The daily grind and weekend wind-down

Whites are great for work wear but a busy commute and a day behind the desk provide endless opportunities for unpleasant stains. With the number of people on public transport these days, there's plenty to worry your whites. Think about taking a nice lightweight jacket with you that you can wear as a protective layer on your way to your workplace. You may notice you get yellow marks from sweat stains under the arms or around the collar of your garment that don't budge with a normal wash.

The Vanish Oxi Action Pre-Treat spray can also be used as an immediate treatment for all of the stains you're likely to encounter over the weekend. From grass stains at a picnic to red wine spills at a dinner party, as long as you catch them early enough, you can have your whites looking as good as new in no time.