Handbag Care

Have you ever spilled something – like ink or coffee – all over your handbag and some of it has gone inside the bag, too? If this has happened to you and you despair of ever cleaning out your handbag completely, then this article is for you. We help you sift through some of the most frequent types of handbag stain removal, to helping you finally getting those stubborn stains out, using Vanish to clean your handbag.


The contents of every handbag are different – every person has their own necessities and list of essentials to carry. But there is always something inside the handbag that can leak or spill and cause a stain. Case in point: that water bottle, that always leaks when tilted. Or that bottle of lip gloss that hasn’t been screwed on tight? Or you could be anticipating a nice, healthy lunch from home and find that the salad oil has leaked all over your bag. Or you could be out with a friend and spill an entire cup of coffee all over your handbag. Taking good care of your bag means that you will be quite deft at removing most of the stains caused by these spills and leaks. The best way to prevent any staining is to keep your bag away from harm – pack any spillable goods inside a container, and keep your bag under the table or on another chair so nothing will fall on it.


There are several ways you can get stains on your bag – there may be ink stains from broken pens, or eyeliner seeping out of its bottle, or a packet of ketchup that breaks inside the bag. One way to ensure that the bag doesn’t stain is to keep things safely stowed in separate compartments. Store pens in the bag’s side pocket, have a portable makeup bag, and do not keep food items in your bag for long. You can also invest in a phone case that repels water.

What to do in case of a Spill

A professional cleaning service is recommended if your bag is made of delicate materials like leather or silk – they have special soaps and buffing agents that you may not, so the bag can be cleaned of stains properly. Water and Vanish should never be used on these materials. But Vanish can be used on other materials – start by blotting or dabbing at the stain immediately after a spill, using a paper towel. Draw away the excess stain and moisture, so that it does not spread further. Now apply a little Vanish solution prepared using Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder and plain water directly to the stain, and allow it to set for a maximum of five minutes. Complete the stain removal by wash off with water – the stain will have been worked out of the bag.