Grease Stains

Grease stains generally have a lasting impact – they are quite stubborn and not removed easily. A grease stain may cling on to your clothing despite repeated washes, if a proper stain removing technique and product is not used. But grease-ridden clothing need not be thrown away immediately – grease spots can be removed too, with some effort, and the use of the right cleaning techniques. Take a look at some of the oil stain removal tips we have outlined below – you might even pick up a few other ideas on general clothes stains removal, too!

The Vanish Method

A good soak with Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel can make all the difference to the stain.

  1. Mix 60ml of the gel in four liters of warm water.
  2. Now soak the oil-stained item of clothing in this water for up to one hour (if coloured) or six hours (if white).
  3. Next, place the clothes in the washing machine with a 60ml dose of the same gel, and wash your clothes as usual with your everyday detergent. 

Some other ideas

It’s important to know that oil stains, once set in the cloth fibres, are harder to remove than if you were to clean them off immediately. We recommend that you start by dabbing the stain away with a paper cloth or towel. Dabbing at the stain with a paper towel draws off much of the stain, and prevents it from spreading further.

Water doesn’t have any effect on grease removal. The oils in the grease are hydrophobic, so water doesn’t break them down. While drawing away the stain helps contain its spread, adding water will only spread it further, and help it set in. So be sure to keep water off, unless you are soaking the oil-stained garment with some Vanish.

Anti-Clothes Stains Tips

When you are certain of getting grease on your clothes – while cooking, or getting under your car, or cleaning old jars of pickles, for example – be sure to wear a protective apron or smock so that you don’t get any oil on your clothes. Oil flies about a lot, especially when it is heated, and generally a good wash with soap (and Vanish) should take care of oil stains. But it is always better to cover up to stop oil stains in their tracks.