Go Organic: A Guide to Removing Organic Stains

In this health conscious world, it's important to make sure that we are getting enough fruit and vegetables, with the organic movement growing stronger every day. These organic foods are produced as naturally and as ethically as possible, to supercharge them with healthy vitamins, minerals and great flavour. This also means they're supercharged with the particles that can cause stains, meaning disaster for when you spill a bowl of your favourite organic food.

Defining Organic
What we really mean by 'organic stains' are stains that are caused by organic foods. All foods are organic by definition, as they are carbon-based and made up of cells that have to be broken down, making them very stubborn.

These types of material react with fabrics quite differently to other substances like makeup or engine oil, clinging and coating them differently, and consisting of a different set of chemical components that have to be broken down to remove the stain.

When we say 'organic foods' as a specific term however, we refer to the foods that are specially grown or processed to contain much higher levels of natural taste and goodness - rather than preservatives and flavourings. These raw ingredients are what cause the most vibrant and stubborn stains however, which makes these healthy alternatives a real threat to clothing.

The Solution
If you notice that a stain has affected your clothing, you'll need to give it a rinse as soon as possible. If you have caught the stain when it is very fresh then you might be able to flush it out with cool water, stopping the stain from setting in. If the stain has dried in however, or if there is still a mark after rinsing with water, then start by dabbing the stain with a damp paper towel, tea towel or cloth. As with all stains, you're trying to pull it out of the clothing, and not to rub or push it through - as this will make it much harder to remove.

If you've followed these steps and a stain remains, then pre-treat with a solution of Vanish Gold Oxi Action and water. You do this by forming a paste of vanish and water, massaging it into the affected area and leaving it to work on the stain. After about ten minutes, submerge the garment in a solution of cool water and a scoop of Vanish Gold Oxi Action for up to an hour, slightly longer for white garments. Vanish breaks down the enzymes and starches that make up the stain's cells, rapidly lifting the stain up and out of the garment. Remove the garment and launder with a scoop of Vanish. This three-tiered approach ensures that the stain is completely gone.