Damage Control for Coffee Stains on the Go

A bump or a nudge is all it takes before the coffee in your cup is on your favourite shirt. The longer a stain gets to seep into the fabric, the harder it will be to remove.


It can be gut wrenching when you drop coffee on your clothes, but at least Vanish can remove coffee stains with ease when you are close to home, but what do you do when you are miles away from home?

Don’t let it dry

A coffee stain is an oxidisable stain[1], which means that it is naturally difficult to remove, unless if you have Vanish to help you. If you like milk or cream in your coffee, the stain will also contain proteins which can make it more difficult to remove.

Absorb the excess water

Take a clean paper towel or cloth and dab the diluted coffee stain until you have removed as much of the excess liquid as possible. Although you don’t want to dry out the stain completely, you don’t want to walk around with sopping wet clothes either.

Arriving home

After arriving home it can be tempting to throw the stained item in the wash and forget about it. Oxidisable stains usually require more than one treatment when you are trying to remove them. Laundry detergent might not be enough to remove the stain and sometimes only fade it, instead of lifting it from the fabric – this is where Vanish springs into action!

Whether the stain is on coloured fabric or white will determine which Vanish product to use. 


STEP 1: Mix Vanish Gold Oxi Action with water to form a paste and apply to the stain
STEP 2: Rub it in and leave on the stain for up to 10 minutes
Add one scoop of Vanish Gold Oxi Action along with your chosen detergent, directly into the machine
STEP 4: Wash as usual

Thanks to Vanish, the worry of clothes ruined by coffee is gone and you can breathe easy as long as you follow these instructions.


[1] http://www.rsc.org/learn-chemistry/resources/chemistry-in-your-cupboard/vanish/2