Carpet Checklist

Choosing the perfect carpet for your home can never be a quick decision, because there is so much to consider before making the purchase. From the feel of the carpet underfoot, to its size and cost, choosing the right carpet for your living room or bedroom is a time-consuming process. We take you through the list of carpet basics to help you buy the right carpet for your home – and this includes stain removal methods!

The Room

The carpet you pick depends largely on the room you are considering it for. For instance, you require a softer, thicker carpet in the bedroom. Meanwhile, a thinner, hardier carpet is fine for the living room. The living room carpet should be easier to clean and resistant to damage. Carpets on stairs, hallways and landings should also be thinner and slightly different to the other two types, having their own unique properties.


The carpet must provide the perfect padding for your feet. While some people prefer a thinner carpet, others like the feeling of their feet sinking into the plush thickness of a soft carpet. The carpet you choose is a result of how you like it to feel, and what looks best for the room it is intended for.


There are essentially two types of carpets – woven and tufted. Woven carpets take more time to create and are normally more expensive, but they are good options for people who care about the carpet’s appearance. Meanwhile, tufted carpets are easier to make and are the more preferable of the two owing to their thick softness.


It’s not just the carpet you choose, but what you place underneath it that matters. It is recommended that you place an underlay – instead of putting your carpet directly on the floor – so as to increase the carpet’s lifespan and durability. The underlay It also helps insulate the floor, and reduces noise. Besides, since it protects the carpet’s pile, it makes it that much easier to clean the carpet and even run a vacuum cleaner over it.

Understanding Maintenance

Some carpets tend to get dirtier than others. You must find out your preferred carpet’s cleaning and maintenance regimen before purchasing it. Though all carpets stain at some point of time, the stains are difficult to hide on lighter shades of carpet, like cream and off-white. So you could apply all the Vanish in the world, but stain removal can remain a steady problem in households where spills are imminent!

Vanish Carpet Stain Removal

But don’t worry too much about getting stains off your carpet. Instead, prepare for the odd stain here and there with Vanish. You can use carpet shampoo for large areas of carpet cleaning – it is Vanish’s innovative solution for the toughest carpet stains known to man. The product works deep into the carpet to remove the stain completely.

So there you have it – our ideas on the kind of carpet you should buy and how to clean a stain on it. Do you have any ideas to share? Get in touch with us on Vanish’s Facebook Page and let us know how you chose your carpet and how you take care of it.